Dhwani Hospital specializes in facilitating on-site health screenings for corporate health management programs. Health Screenings are a integral ingredient to identifying the health status of a company’s overall work force. This knowledge empowers corporations to identify opportunities to promote appropriate health and disease management programs, which in turn helps to increase employee productivity and control health benefits costs.

Corporate Partners will assist you in individualizing a wellness program to meet your needs. We can individualize a health fair to present information through displays and brochures on topics of concern to your employees (such as: cumulative trauma, hearing conservation, sleeping disorders, women’s health issues, men’s health issues, diabetes, gambling, substance abuse, etc.).

Dhwani Occupational Health offers complimentary blood pressure screening, body fat & BMI, grip strength screenings, displays, and brochures on an annual basis to client companies. Additional screening services are available (as listed below) but require a minimum of 10 people participating in each type of screening selected.

Knowing the health risks of your employee population is the first step in creating a culture of wellness in your business environment. Health Risk Assessments help your employees take that first step towards their wellness goals. After completing the assessment, employees will have a complete picture of their health and what they need to do to stay healthy. This information is gathered and given back to your company as aggregate data (protecting the individual’s privacy). This will help your company understand the overall health of your employees and target those high risk factors that affect the health of your employees, and ultimately your bottom line.