Being pregnant is indeed a wonderful experience and most pregnant mothers want to have the best possible care for themselves and their babies. Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Dhwani Hospital Ahmedabad is committed to give the highest standard of care to mothers and newborns.

Antenatal Package

The moment you get pregnant, you book with our hospital. Your first visit will involve a detailed consultation, few blood tests, urine examination, Ultrasonography and plan for your subsequent visits to the antenatal clinic.

Antenatal Education Program

This program offers a variety of antenatal and postnatal classes so that the women may prepare themselves for the demands of labour. Strategies for staying healthy throughout pregnancy, managing pain during labour, stress management, pain relief etc are included in these classes.

Fetal Assessment & Ultrasonography

Fetal assessment forms the major part of antenatal care and is done by the most modern USG machine and fetal monitors to assess your baby’s health.

High Risk Pregnancy

We have multidisciplinary team approach to manage any medical problem during pregnancy. For instance, pregnancy with heart disease, where care is given by a team of Cardiologists and Obstetricians. We have facilities to manage any obstetric emergency in our well equipped labour ward and most modern medical intensive care unit with continuous monitoring facilities, Pulse Oximetry, Ventilatory support and an in-house blood bank for blood and blood products.

Labour Delivery Suit

This is an exclusive facility availabe at Dhwani Hospitals, Ahmedabad. A state of art delivery room where labour is conducted and you can stay in the same room with all homely facilities like refrigerator, TV, microwave, rocking chair, spacious attached shower and toilet facilities.