Employee Assistance Program

You may have noticed that when employees have personal problems, it tends to affect job performance. In fact statistics have shown that at any given time, 20% of the workforce has personal problems that impact their job and these troubled employees are usually 25% less productive.Wouldyou like an easy, cost-effective solution to demonstrate your concern for your troubled workforce’s well-being without sacrificing their productivity and time off? Nearly 30% of all absenteeism and 66% of all terminations are related to employees’ personal problems. Using an EAP can help you employee balance their work/life issues and reduce their time off for sick days, work-related injuries, work comp claims, and lost time.American’s “100 Best” Companies found that generous work/life benefits were linked with happier, hard-working employees which resulted in better products and services to clients and an improved bottom line for the corporation.

Professional Expertise and Decreased Absenteeism

Confidential, free professional assessment, counseling and referral services for employees and their immediate family member.

Complimentary Supervisory Training on how to identify and deal with the under functioning employee.

Ongoing consultation and support for management of troubled employees 24-hour HELP-line offers weekend and after hours crisis coverage.

Counselors address employee problems in a timely manner so that employees can return to work more productively.

Controlled Healthcare Costs and Improved Employee Retention

Assessing EAP services first helps to decrease mental health/chemical dependency utilization and healthcare insurance claims/premiums.

Decrease emergency room utilization for crisis situations.

Increased employee morale and loyalty reduces employee turnover, recruiting, and training costs.